Canoe - Kayak - Tube Rentals:

Texas Canoes and Kayaks has a selection of recreational canoes, kayaks, and custom rigged racing canoes available to rent.  512-749-2350

Spencer Canoes and Shady Grove Campground rents canoes and kayaks in the Martindale area.  512-357-6113

Power Olympic Outdoor Center rents SUP, sit-on-top kayaks, fishing kayaks, and whitewater kayaks.  512-203-0093

San Marcos Lion's Club has tubes for rent, located at City Park in San Marcos.

Other Campgrounds:  see our area map

Spencer Canoes and Shady Grove Campground - Martindale, TX 512-357-6113

Leisure Camp Resort - Fentress, TX  512-213-0112

Canoe & Kayak Lessons & Tours 

Kayak Lessons are available at the Powers Outdoor Olympic Center  As well as individual lessons, POOC also offer's Boy Scout and Girl Scout Canoe and Kayak Instruction, Scout Whitewater Kayak Badge and Summer Kids Camps. POOC can also schedule a class to fit your needs. Come Play at Rio Vista Park!!  The Red River Racing Team is committed to providing you with the best whitewater and flatwater kayaking and canoeing programs available. Check out our calendar for classes including Girl Scouts and Brownies Kayaking in April & May.

Paddle With Style offers Canoe & Kayak Instruction on the San Marcos River, specializing in marathon racing.  All ages and  skill levels. If you are wanting to make your canoe/kayak go straight, for a relaxing trip down the river, or you are looking to improve your skills and paddle competitively, you have come to the right place! 

The Meadows Center offers lots of opportunities to enjoy the San Marcos River, from Bird Watching on the board walk, Glass Bottom Boat Rides, Girl Scout & Boy Scout programs, Educational Tours for all age groups, to Scuba Diving opportunities, and SUP tours of the lake.

Canoe and Kayak Outfitters

TG Canoes & Kayaks  - located next door to us. They sell a wide variety of accessories, rigging, equipment, and canoes and kayaks.

USGS Realtime Flows for Texas

To find the flow of the San Marcos River.  Find the Guadalupe River System. You can then find the flow of the Upper San Marcos and the flow of the Blanco River (it takes the water about four hours to get from Wimberley to Kyle and another four hours to get from Kyle to our camp). The flow at our camp is the combined flow of the San Marcos and the Blanco Rivers. The flow is given in cfs - which means cubic feet per second. The average flow of the San Marcos river is about 130 cfs. 100 cfs is pretty low. 500 cfs is very good flow (novices have to be very careful which section of river they run) and anything from 1000 cfs up is very high water for experts only. 10,000 cfs means the lower campground sites are underwater, 20,000 puts water in or very close to the bathhouse, and 30,000 means the camp is underwater.

San Marcos River Foundation

Learn more about the San Marcos River and the Threatened and Endangered Species of the Edward's Aquifer.  

Texas Rivers Protection Association

Texas rivers have always flowed through the land and lives of the people who depended on them for food, agriculture, recreation and transportation. But now, most of our rivers have been dammed, diverted, polluted, channelized or fenced in.  The TRPA was founded in 1989 to promote the safe and wise use of Texas rivers. Won't you join us?