A Jekyll and Hyde River

A great campground for youth groups and church groups located on a beautiful, quiet river (in the mornings and evenings).  But unfortunately, in the afternoons, all summer long, that same river is filled with loud drunken tubers.

If your group plans to be on the river all day, hiking, visiting a cave or maybe visiting the capital or the Alamo, then this is a great place to camp.

But if your plan is to spend the afternoon in our campground during the summer, you will hear lots of foul language, lots of “X” rated music, and possibly see sights that young people should not see.

We can no longer recommend that groups camp in our river sites (sites 5-22) unless you do plan to be gone all day (usually the river is fairly quiet until noon or so, and things start settling down about 7 p.m.).  The sites on the right side of the road (sites 1-4) are a little better since you aren’t right next to the party.

Another option that some groups have used, is to use our air conditioned chapel in the afternoon as an escape from the noise and then camp in the campground at night.  If the chapel is available, we are willing to offer a special price for such a plan.

The San Marcos River Retreat (formerly Pecan Park Retreat) is a private camp on the banks of the San Marcos River just outside of San Marcos Texas, serving scouts, youth groups, homeschool groups and church groups.  The riverside campground is not an RV park, in that we don’t have paved sites, 50 amp service or sewer hook ups (we do offer those amenities on the higher ground, around our chapel).  And, as you will see on our camp photo page, our riverside campsites are in a pecan bottom along the river.  But we do have water and electricity so groups with RV’s who like to “rough it” are welcome to camp along the river.


• Serving youth groups and church groups

• 1/4 mile of riverfront on the beautiful San Marcos River

• 20 campsites with water and electricity

Most Important Rules

• Alcohol Free (no drinking in the campground allowed)

• 10 pm Quiet-time, Midnight Lights-Out Curfew

• No Littering

• No large dogs allowed and all small dogs must be on leashes and must not be left alone in the campground.