The main thing to understand, and to make sure everyone in your group understands, is that we do not allow the consumption of alcohol in our campground.  We really mean that.  No beer.  No wine.  It’s not that it’s against our religious beliefs or anything like that, it’s just that, over the years we got tired of dealing with drunks.  And to enforce that rule, we are very careful to require everyone who camps to have a reservation.  And, to make a reservation we require the person making the reservation to state in writing (e-mail is OK) that they understand and agree to abide by our rules - especially the rule regarding the use of alcohol.

You also need to know that, while we are alcohol free, the river is not.  During the summer, in the afternoon, you will see and hear literally thousands of drunken tubers floating by.  They will almost certainly offend you.  But the good news is that they won’t be camping next to you; and, the river is quiet most of the day and night. We recommend that groups who don’t want to listen to or see the tubers plan on being gone (like on a tubeless section of river) during the heat of the day. Or, those groups may want to consider reserving the Cowboy Chapel - it is up the hill from the river, away from the crowds, and it is air-conditioned so you don't have to hear the noise in the middle of the afternoon.

Finally, we are hard to find.  And, to get to our facility you will drive through property owned by Pecan Park Campground (a full fledged RV park with all the amenities - you can reach them at 512-396-0070 or at their website:  It will confuse you and/or the members of your group unless everyone has Driving Directions and a copy of our AREA MAP.  So, be sure that everyone in your group downloads and prints out copies of those items.

Our goal is to provide a safe and peaceful camping experience to folks who appreciate such a thing.


Tom and Paula Goynes - owners

Frequently Asked Questions 

* Camping is by reservation only -  call  512-392-6171 or 512-787-5574 or e-mail

*No Alcohol or drugs

*10pm Quiet Time (your neighbors need to be able to sleep if they so desire)

*Midnight Curfew: lights out, all noise must cease, everyone in bed. Curfew lasts from Midnight to 6am.

*No amplified music (radios) broadcast to the adjacent campsites.

*Profanity is prohibited.

*No firearms or fireworks (with permission, we can make a fireworks exception for weddings, as long as no burn ban in effect).

*All our sites have water, at least one picnic table and electricity (all have 20 amp, some 30 amp).

*How many people per site? - 10 people per site for most of our sites.  Site 1 is a group site that can accommodate 20-30 people: sites 2-4 is a large group site that can accommodate as many as 100 people.

*Do you have an Indoor Facility?  Yes, we now have a 36‘x60’ indoor facility for your group.  

*Do you allow weddings, family reunions, birthday parties?  Yes

* Do you have a swimming beach - Yes, the gravel bar is between sites 8 & 9.

*Do you have fire rings? - Yes, but not all of our sites have a fire ring, so ask if you need a site that does.

* Do you allow dogs?  Yes, no large/aggressive dogs, on a leash only, never left unattended.  Dogs in your tent or RV at night.

*Do you have hot showers?  Yes

*Do you have flush toilets?   Yes

*Do you have a volleyball net?  Yes

*Do you have raccoons?  Yes, be sure to put all food & ice chests in your vehicles at night.  Put all trash in the dumpster.

*Do you recycle?  Yes, there is an area by the bathhouse to put your aluminum, cardboard, clean steel, plastic bottles & glass.

*Do you have a playground?  No, but there is a children’s park with a large wooden playscape 3 miles away, on CM Allen St.

*How far away is the nearest store?  Walmart’s is just 2 miles away.  There is also an HEB just 3 miles away.

*Do you sell ice?  No, but Walmart’s and a convenience store are only 2 miles away.

San Marcos River Retreat is intended to serve youth and family groups so any activity, which is deemed inappropriate for these groups, is not permitted.  Violators will be asked to leave and will forfeit all fees paid.  Those refusing to leave will be charged with criminal trespass.