Canoe and Kayak Launch Fees and fishing fee

Fee for persons launching canoes or kayaks - does not include day use of the facilities:  $3/person

Day use fee for fishermen (we have a lease agreement with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and we allow fishermen to fish along the banks of our campground)  $5/person


Overnight camping fees (reservations are required)

5 years of age and under: free

6-17 years of age: $5 per night

18 and over: $10 per night

Church group rate: Call or e-mail :

Day Use Fees (reservations are required)

youth groups or church groups or person’s visiting campers - launch fee included 

Youth Group Fee:   $3/person

Adult Group Fee:    $5/adult

A note about reservations:

As we have said, our focus is on youth groups and church groups.  And we have a special love for canoeing and kayaking.  So, if your group is going to be learning how to canoe or kayak, please let us know.  We prioritize who gets to make a reservation.

We also have a commitment to support Holly Orr (Canoe and /or kayak lessons: Paddle with Style  Canoe or kayak rentals: Texas Canoes and Kayaks).  We have known Holly for years (our daughter was her partner several times in the 260 canoe race from San Marcos to Seadrift).  So, if you are renting canoes and/or kayaks from Holly, you have our highest priority for getting a campsite.  And, there will be some times when Holly will have exclusive use of our campground (for overnight camping). 

Next, we have a special love for certain groups.  Like the UT stream team, and Texas A&M (and other university) outdoor rec programs.  Especially when those groups are canoeing and/or kayaking.  

And, obviously we have a love for youth groups, especially those who are canoeing and/or kayaking.  

If you have a scout or youth group and you intend to take them tubing - you will be rather low on our priority scale.  Sorry.  We don’t really consider tubing to be much of a sport.

For Reservations, call or e-mail:

512-392-6171     or   512-787-5574